Balik Pulau D'monte
36, Lintang Bukit Penara 2, 11000 Balik Pulau,
Tel : 04-8664784

2011 Chinese New Year Party & Lion Dance Performance
Date : 7-Feb-2011
Time: 10.00am -12.00pm

Wishing You & Your Family A Very Happy, Healthy, Victorious
                 and Prosperous Chinese New Year

2010 lion dance                            2010 models of the year               3  top models

2011 Enrichment Classes

1)     Odonata Chinese Programme


 Odonata programme is a set of systematic reading programme that enables young readers to concur at least 100 words of vocabulary per level. It uses an easy word recognition approach in its sentence structure to develop the joy of reading and learning in children. It has been proven and tested to be effective for children aged 5 and above.


2)     English for Pre-school & English for Primary School


This programme focuses in getting young learners to enjoy communicating in English and takes a highly integrated approach to develop grammar, vocabulary and all four language skills with enjoyable topics and activities that involve learners straightaway.


3) Art Class


Creativity is a free expression in every child. Our long awaited Art class is now open for registration. Your child will learn colour mixing, colour blending, tracing and gradually drawing freely. Art enriches the spirit of every individual life. Art class is always a fun time for all children.


When are the term dates?

Term 1

1-Mar  -  21-May-2011

Term 2

6-Jun   -  20-Aug-2011

Term 3

5-Sep   -  11-Nov-2011

Kindly call 04-8664784 for further details


Dental-Care Programme

Visit by nurses from Klinik Pergigian Balik Pulau
Date : 10-3-2011
Venue: D'monte Balik Pulau kindergarten
Items to bring along : toothbrush, toothpaste, cup, handkerchief

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